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How To: Build Your Own Coils

How To: Build Your Own Coils

You wanted to build your own coils, but the problem is that you don’t know where to begin. It’s okay because you are just in the right place for do-it-yourself vape coil-building for beginners!


In this article, you will learn easy tips and tricks on building coils which will allow you to save money by eliminating the need for disposable coil heads.


Learning how to build your own coils doesn’t only help you save money, but also serves as a fun, engaging hobby that any vaper, beginner to expert, can enjoy. If you’re wondering how to get good at building your own coils fast, the best way is simply practice, practice, practice. Practice, and the neat little tricks below will sure get you wicking like an expert in no time.


So read on and find out how to build vape coils do-it-yourself style.


Vape Coil-Building – Things You Will Need


First off, you need several accessories to start building your own coil heads. These things will help you easily build your own coil heads in no time.


You’ll need:

  •       Resistance wire (stainless steel, nichrome, nickel, etc.)
  •       Small metal rod
  •       Flush cutters or wire cutters able to cut even in small spaces
  •       Tweezers, ideally ceramic tipped, for pinching coils while its pulsing
  •       Organic cotton or any other wicking material
  •       Scissors
  •       Coil jig (optional)
  •       Ohm reader (optional)
  •       Second vape, to work with while building your coils (optional)


Micro vs Macro Coils

Before starting to build your own coil heads, it is best to know the most common coil builds, the micro and macro coils. Micro and macro coils are both created using a single piece of wire and then wrapping it around a small metal rod like a coil jig, screwdriver or drill bit.


What differentiates the two is their inner coil and that is how you can figure out if it is micro or macro coil.  A micro coil has inner diameter of 1 to 2mm, while a macro coil has an inner coil that is bigger than 2mm, the inner diameter is important in terms of the coil’s resistance.


That is, if the coil has bigger inner diameter, you can expect it to have higher resistance. So the smaller inner diameter, the lower the coils’ resistance will be. At the same time, if the wire used has thicker gauge, its resistance will be lower as well.

For the beginner, the ideal recommendation for your first few coils is the basic 26/28 gauge kanthal.


Single vs Dual, Twisted or Not

If you want, you can try the twisted build, where you twist two strands of wire into a single piece, either by hand or by drill. Using twisted wire is a way to increase surface area without the resistance dropping drastically. By twisting the wire, there is also positive impact on vape flavor that you can take advantage of.


You may have already noticed, there are coil builds with two coils, called dual coils. This type of coils can help create more flavors better than single coil. You may want to build dual coils so you can have more flavor but in doing so, you need to have both coils the same in size and form. This way, the dual coils you are building will heat up properly.


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