MONQ Essential Oil Diffusers

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Therapeutic air, on the go! MONQ offers fantastic blends of oils to promote overall wellness without the need for a big full-room diffuser. Available in 10 great profiles.

Forest - Spruce, fir, and sandalwood.

Ocean - Eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine.

Mountain - Juniper, peppermint, and pine.

Zen - Orange, frankincense, ylang-ylang.

Vibrant - Ginger, lemon, and spearmint.

Sleepy - Lavender, chamomile, kava.

Happy - Fennel, thyme, vanilla.

Healthy - Cinnamon, marjoram, turmeric.

Active - Black pepper, orange, sage.

Sexy - Jasmine, lime, patchouli.

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