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Smoking Vapor's Mi-Pod Ultra Portable Kit is a stylish open pod system that brings one of the most visually appealing and beautiful chassis designs in the market, packing in an ample 2ml replacement pod for Nic salts or E-Juices and an all in one single button, draw operated system. Shifting from the usual vape pen style that has grown in popularity, the Mi Pod has a boxy design that is still excellent for travel and portability. The paneling of the Mi Pod is available in many patterns and designs, with each design line-up offering a unique style. These styles vary from the futuristic Digital Line, and the PLUR Line seen in music festivals all over the country! Packing in a 950 mAh rechargeable battery alongside an ample 2ml replaceable pod system that can easily be filled, the Mi-Pod provides one of the best size to range ratios in the market, and is light enough to be carried via the included braided lanyard. The Mi-Pod features a three color LED indicator providing instant feedback to the battery state; Blue being 3.7 to 4.2V, Purple being 3.4 to 3.7V, and Red being lower than 3.4V. The Mi-Pod is operated with an on and on switch and just drawing straight from the pod. With what is arguably one of the most beautiful designs available in the ultra portable market, SV's Mi-Pod is slated to be one of the marquee all in one systems in this market segment, combining great battery life, easily exchangeable pod system, and a quality build.

Replacement pods are available HERE

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