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What’s The Difference Between an RTA, an RDTA and an RDA?

What’s The Difference Between an RTA, an RDTA and an RDA?

Whenever you first see someone vaping, your first thought is I want one of those too, so you head to your local vape shop only to be confused at all of their selection. The large selection may be overwhelming at first, and it’s hard for beginners to understand the difference between an RTA, an RDTA, and an RDA. The people at the vapor shop are normally helpful but there can be those that are not… so you need to know what you’re dealing with. First things first, you need to have a mod that you feel comfortable with. Whether it be a box mod (regulated or unregulated) or a tube mod is up to you. You need to know what kind of mod you have so check this article out on unregulated vs regulated mods HERE! Second, you need your atomizer.

RDA: RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer. This requires you to build your own coils and wick them yourself. An RDA usually will have anywhere from two posts to four, sometimes more for competition vaping, and RDA’s have holes on the posts for your wire to go through. The wire is held down with the RDA’s post hole screws either from the top of the post and down, or from the sides. RDA’s let you have full control over your vape quality and vapor quantity.

RTA: RTA is short for rebuildable tank atomizer. RTA’s are a cross between a RDA and a tank. A tank is just a normal e-cigarette atomizer with coils pre-made for that tank. The RTA allows you to have a rebuildable deck section with a tank that holds eliquid. This is great for on the go vapers who want that RDA hit but don’t have the time to drip it every 5-8 hits. Sometimes it is not exactly the same as an RDA because lets face it nothing will ever hit as well as an RDA, but some RTAs are close.

RDTA: RDTA stands for rebuildable dripping tank atomizer which allows you to have a rebuildable section along with pre build coils. You can switch from rebuilding to pre made coils easily by changing them out. These mods are for someone who wants to be able to rebuild their build and still be able to use it as a tank with pre made coils. The deck sections on some will not work well for you so you have must make a good decision on which one you buy.

No matter what atomizer you choose for your device, I hope this helps you become more satisfied with your end purchase. Live long and vape on!



Author : Josh Cartwright

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