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The E-cigarette market is a multi-billion dollar industry that has boomed over the past five years. The amount of box mods on the market today is crazy with over 100 different brands to choose from, there are endless possibilities. This market has become extremely inflated with clones so beware that your box mods are authentic. With all these clones floating around how do you find the real deal? The answer is to buy from a reputable dealer like www.TheVaporSupply.com. Now you can buy that box mod you have been staring at in your local vape shop, for half off!

A regulated box mod is a box mod that has a chip inside which regulates the amount of power driven to your atomizer. The chip regulates the wattage at a constant rate in which your batteries can handle safely. If you set your box mod to 25 watts, it will constantly vape 25 watts until it is out of battery. A regulated box mod is the safest and simplest way to vape. When choosing batteries for these mods you will want to use regular 18650’s. These are the most common for box mod/tank use and normal vaping, but for those who want the extra battery kick they go unregulated.

Unregulated box mods do not have a chip and are driven solely by the amount of charge in your batteries. If your box mod holds two 18650s and they are 4.2 volts fully charged, then your box mod will be firing at 8.4 volts at full charge and will diminish with every hit. These box mods are strictly for people who know what they are doing. They are very dangerous and can explode if you do not know what you are doing! Most people have seen the classic tube mod, which consists of one battery and a metal tube encasing the battery. It has one purpose and thats to power your rebuildable attomizer. The tube mod has as much power as the battery you put in it, same as all unregulated devices. The most important thing with unregulated devices is to build your coils within the parameters of the batteries in the device. Most tube mods requires you to build a coil anywhere from .4 ohms to .7 ohms. Thats the sweet stop, any higher and it will be too much power and too low and it will not fire. The more batteries the lower ohms you can go but the more volts you will have. This can be dangerous if you do not test the coil and do not know what you are doing. Always test your coil ohms with an ohm reader and be sure it is correct. Just be safe out there and keep yourself informed!


Author: Josh Cartwright

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