Smok Baby V2 Coils

Smok Baby V2 Coils

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The SMOK Baby V2 coils come in a 3-pack, and feature SMOK’s all new mesh and parallel designs as well as antibacterial cotton wicking. The antibacterial cotton allows for more flavor absorption as well as the potential for less leakage. The mesh designs in these Baby V2 A1 and A2 coils are constructed of high quality materials to improve the taste, vapor production, and coil longevity you’ll experience with these options. The Baby V2 S1 coils feature a honeycombed mesh design, and are optimized for lower wattage vapers, while the Baby V2 K1 coils feature a quadruple parallel coil design to focus on even airflow and massive flavor. All in all, there is a coil for every vaper in the SMOK Baby V2 family of coils. Available in the following styles:

0.17 ohm Baby V2 A1 Single Mesh Coils

Rated for 90W - 140W, Recommended Wattage: 110W - 130W

0.2 ohm Baby V2 A2 Dual Mesh Coils

Rated for 50W - 80W, Recommended Wattage: 65W - 75W

0.15 ohm Baby V2 A3 Triple Mesh Coils

Rated for 60W - 100W, Recommended Wattage: 80W - 90W

0.15 ohm Baby V2 S1 Single Mesh Coils

Rated for 40W - 80W, Recommended Wattage: 60W - 70W

0.15ohm Baby V2 S2 Quadruple Kanthal Coil

Rated for 30-70W, Recommended Wattage: 45-60W

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